Fundamental & Advanced Training


7 Day Basic Fundamentals

June 26th- July 2nd 2017

9:30 to 7:00 pm Starting MARCH 27th 2017 to April 2nd 2017

 All deposits must be paid three weeks prior to class start date  to reserve your seat.  There are prerequisites and 35 hours at home studies you need to prepare for. All spots are on a first come first serve basis!  Please email for more information

33 Stones

Permanent Makeup Fundamentals & Microblading Academy

7 day Fundamental beginners course:

This is a 100 hour class. 
Instruction 9:30 to 7:00pm with 35 hours pre at home study material to work on during 2-3 weeks prior to class start date. 65 of these hours are in class hours. A 200 question exit exam and 3 live models are are required before receiving your certificate of completion.  After deposit is paid we will mail you your fundamental training materials to start and complete and return before the start of class. After completion we can schedule, (1) shadow instructor day , during normal business hours.

Fundamental Course 

Training Price $7500

Deposit: $2000 Cash or Money order:! ALL credit card payments are subject to a 3% convenience fee.

Deposits are Due 3 weeks before class start date to reserve your seat and is non refundable after 72 hours. Remember class sizes five students max!
Full remaining tuition will be paid before class start date for 7 day basic fundamental Training class and is non refundable after start of class.

Classes- will be broken up into 2 payments.
After deposit is made, 2nd and final payment $5500 will be due before the class start date.
You have the option to pay full course tuition instead of payments!

Course includes:

Full Fundamental Training  Kit:
Everything you need to create beautiful permanent make up with products to complete 10 procedures. All the info you need to reorder all your products will be givin to you.
Daily Lunch for all 7 days.
Depending on student request and need, course can be personalized.
Certificate of completion from myself
Sarah Hummel, CPCP a Certified SPCP trainer member.

Fundamental Course Curriculum Includes:

History of Permanent Makeup                                                                                                                               Sterilization/Sanitation/Avoiding Cross-Contamination                                                                                                Digital Machine Equipment, Techniques, and  Supplies                                                                             Theory/Color Mixing/Color Choices
Skin Anatomy/ diseases/ contraindications                                                                                               Consultation/Clients Considerations
Shaping & Design symmetry                                                                                          Anesthetics/Clients Comfort/Proper Stretching Techniques                                                                        Needle Section/Applications/Storage & Disposal                                                                                           Permanent Makeup Applications of:   Soft-Filled Eyebrows; Hairline Simulation                              Eyebrows; Natural-Finish Traditional Eyeliner; Natural Lip Blush Liner/Blending/Full Lip Color Applications                                                                                                                                                      Business/Office: Insurance; Marketing; Health History Forms; Consent Forms; Aftercare Forms
General Record-Keeping
Supplies and Accessories; Discussion of Professional Organization, etc.
Student enrollment contract and welcome pack will be sent to you prior to paying your deposit. Please fill in blanks were necessary and return as soon as possible with your deposit.
*As a reminder all spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We will discuss you expectations before putting your kit together.

*Pre Requisite before starting of class.
It is the job of the student to research your county and state laws regarding Permanent Cosmetics. Before starting my class you will need:
Bloodborne Pathogens certificate.  You will need to take this prior to class start date. I will attach the county approved classes that you can register in your welcome packet. This class is online and usually takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.
You will need to Register with the San Bernardino County health department for your body art practitioner license. After your deposit is paid,  I will give you your course fundamental books and workbook. These you will do at home,  (35 hours), is to be completed before the start of class! You will receive a certificate of completion for taking my fundamental course. This will equip you with the proper credentials to take advanced classes from myself or other Advanced trainers. As well as untainted your own insurances. Please visit the website to gain more information about this Organization.  They help to regulate permanent cosmetic artists, provide advanced education, seminars, and awareness to help further your career in this industry.  You’ll will also gain the knowledge and standards that permanent cosmetic artists are held to. There you will also find me listed as a certified trainer through this SPCP.

After you have completed fundamental training with me or a prior trainer you are welcome to schedule advanced classes with me.

Advanced Classes:

$2500 2-day course Can only be taken after fundamentals completion. $1500 deposit made prior to class start date and is non- refundable after 72 hours. The remanding $1000 shall be paid 2 weeks before class start date and is non refundable after 72 hours.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Training Program
Advanced Course Includes Customized Choice Of:

Digital Machine Training:
Includes Advanced Needle Techniques,  Color Theory Training Including Color Corrections, Corrective Procedures, and Troubleshooting

1-Day Specialty lip Training: Includes Contoured/Blended Lip Color
1-Day Specialty Eyeliner Training: Includes Designer Eyeliner Techniques, smudged eyeliner, lash enhancements, bottom eyeliner tappers.

MASTER CLASS Training: Includes 3-D Hairstroke Eyebrows (Machine Method) (Tuition: $2,500/2 Day Class)
MASTER CLASS Training: Includes 3-D Microblade Eyebrows (Manual Method) (Tuition: $2,500/2 Day Class)

For class dates and all other questions please email:
Or call