Permanent Makeup Pricing & Policy

The prices for permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips vary among permanent makeup artists. Price comparison in permanent makeup varies since artists are not doing the same thing the same way. Other factors considered include skill and experience, time involved, number of visits typically required for the result, facility/overhead expenses, and whether a physician is involved that allows the comfort perks of prescription meds.

Clients should get several years enjoyment from their permanent makeup application. Permanent makeup services are no different than any other cosmetic service. When botox, lip filler, or chemical peel effects are wearing off, full price is paid to do it again. We offer a reduced price on returning clients for refresher sessions.

Permanent makeup eyebrows have different styles and methods available. All styles are priced the same at our studio. Permanent makeup eyeliner may be priced according to the thickness requested. The new trend in pricing lips is to charge according to small, medium, large, and extra-large. It seems reasonable that requests which only require half the time should not cost as much.

Specials and discounts are more often for the benefit of the business than for the customer. Two basics on why businesses have sales are 1) needs business, and 2) sell what is not selling. The monthly special is to create a sense of urgency to jump in there. The group discount is another example of relying on someone else to round up customers. The makeup might also look like it was a discount, done in record time. There will always be people who choose to search for a discount but when it comes to your face I wouldn’t recommend going with the bargain!
Permanent Makeup Services

• $50 Booking fee is required for all Permanent Makeup bookings and will be used towards your procedure. Please Allow 48 hours for all Cancellations or a new booking fee will be required before rescheduling. This fee is non refundable. If appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled before the 48 hour period, full payment will be requested before re booking your appointment. All Services are NoN refundable please be prepared do you research before booking appointments. Thank you!!


Hair stroke Eyebrows:
Tattoo Method $475
Microblade Method $475
Scar Fill in Consultation required

*6 Week touch up $125

If third touch up is needed *(for any service) to complete a procedure $55 product charge will be collected.

Eyeliner Services

Eyelash Enhancement $375
Full eyeliner (Top + Bottom) $450
Eyeliner Top only $300
Eyeliner (Bottom Only) $225
*6 week Touch up $125

Lip Services

Lip liner only $375
Blended Lip Line $450
Full lip Color $525

*6 week touch up $125
All services are recommended to have at least 1 touch to finalize service

Areola Re-pigmentation
*Requires Consultation

Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation
* Requires consultation

Refreshers and Color Boosters
$125 Before 6 Months
$175 After 6 Months to 1.5 Years
$275 1.5 to 3 Years

Full Price after 3 years and may need evaluation for price quote

Cash payment is preferred. We do except all major credit cards a 3% convenience fee will be added to all transactions.