Pre & Post Treatment

**Before booking your Appointment Please Read**

Information given is to help comply with post-treatment procedure.

**Please schedule your calendar accordingly so you can prepare for the appropriate time and activities after your permanent make up procedure(s).
**Before the treatment, your skin should not be red or inflamed, in a process of recovery from an injury, or cosmetic treatments.
Botox treatment must be at least 3 weeks apart prior to permanent makeup treatment.

**Microblading should not be performed over moles, keratosis and certain types of scars.
Consult with personal doctor in regard to any possible skin changes in form of texture and color before treatment.
It is also necessary to consult with a doctor if you have certain allergies, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, or are on medication. Chemotherapy patients: If you recently have gone through chemotherapy,  please contact your doctor for permission to proceed with permanent cosmetics.
Post-treatment please avoid the following:

All information below refers to a period of 7 to 30 days, while laser treatments, IPL treatments, fruit acid and chemical peels are never performed over the eyebrows.
The type aftercare cream used post treatment is  determined by the artist (depending on skin type).
For 7-14 Days NO SOAKING with water, use of  cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup in the treated area.
3 Hours after procedure , blot area with filtered water with wet paper towel, non woven gauze, or q-tip. Pat dry gently with dry paper towel then allow to air dry. Only perform this for up to 24 hours to remove lymph and dried blood from the surface.
DO NOT pick or scratch tweeze or rub treated area.
Let scabbing naturally exfoliate prematurely removing the scabs can cause scarring.
Avoid sleeping on your face for the first week
No facials, chemical treatments, for 4 weeks post treatment.
Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning until skin is healed (4 weeks)

1. Immediately after procedure, the pigment will look darker and more dramatic than final color. When healed the color is subtle and soft. With a Follow-up appointment the color can be adjusted, deepened, or darkened to desired results. Keep in mind After-care is crucial in the healing process and can determine how much of a touch-up you will need.
2. Every 30 min dry blot area until you reach 3 hours after procedure. Thengently blot area with filtered water to remove any loose pigment, blood, and lymph fluid. After cleaning let air dry and discontinue soaking, rubbing and washing pigmented area up to 10 days. DO NOT submerge face in water. AVOID steam room, jacuzzis. saunas and activities such as gardening, swimming, and pet exposure to procedure site. Swelling and redness may occur around the treated areas for 1-3 days. Bruising may occur around the eye areas when eyeliner is performed. Any symptoms or signs of infection including but not limited to, increased redness and swelling, tenderness of the procedure area, red streaks going from the procedure side towards the heart, elevated body temperature or purulent drainage from the procedure site should be checked by a physician. You should begin to notice your skin beginning to peel and flake on or around day 3 and continue to shed until day 10. By then you will have a better glimpse of your healed color. Expect for the first couple weeks a fresh layer of new skin covering the pigment which may give it a different look. Final color will not show until around the fourth week. Eyebrows- swell the least and have little to no down time. They appear more 3D like for the first few days. Eyes- have a tendency for a little more swelling and irritation therefore, contacts should not be worn until the following day(s). Lips- will swell the most giving a drier, more tender, and chapped feeling. With the lips you may apply Chapstick or Aquaphor daily for extra hydration. DO NOT SATURATE! Let the lips breathe and your body will naturally heal them as well. Take the recommended antiviral prescription with all lip procedures to prevent cold sores. The pigment will dry, scab, and flake within 7 days.
4. Relief- to relieve any discomfort felt, you may use a cold compress as needed,(Not frozen stick with something cool and refreshing), avoiding long periods of time. You may take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for temporary pain relief if needed.