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Meet Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah Hummel, I am a Permanent Makeup Artist and the owner of 33 Stones Permanent Makeup Studios located in Southern California.

I have been working as a body art practitioner for more than 13 years and received my trainer certification from the Society of Permanent Cosmetics. I love to share my knowledge with other professionals and help elevate the industry with high quality training.

My path to permanent makeup started right out of high school, when I earned my license as an esthetician. After working as an esthetician for a few years I went back to school and gained my cosmetology license. I worked behind the chair as a color specialist for 5 years when I was first introduced to the Permanent Makeup Industry, and let me tell you, it has changed my life!

To be totally honest when I started with Permanent Makeup, I hated it! I invested a lot of money in my training and felt like I didn’t get enough help or information from my instructor. I was afraid, and after taking a total of 3 clients I quit for a whole year.

But… Something just kept pulling me back to this idea. So, I chose to invest in myself and continuing education seminars, I spent a lot of time and energy practicing and building my portfolio.

Today, I love what I do. Permanent Makeup has grown in popularity and has the power to change peoples lives. I pride myself as a corrections specialist. However, I provide all permanent makeup services including:

  • Microblading

  • Ombre Brows

  • Blush Lips

  • Areola Reconstruction

  • Scalp Pigmentation

  • Eyeliner Services

Permanent makeup has pushed me to grow personally, and professionally has afforded me so many amazing opportunities.

I am beyond excited to partner with Highbrow Lab! Together we are setting a new standard for Permanent Makeup Training with a 7-day extensive All About the Brows Fundamental Course. Remember, high quality education is everything when you are investing in your future!

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