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Why Partner with Highbrow Lab?

With the growing popularity of the Permanent makeup Industry we know you have a lot of options for training. But let’s keep it real, not all training is equal.

Together, we prepare permanent makeup artists to take on clients in the real world.

Because, we want you to make money and be successful. Our program is also, compliant with the regulations of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics (these are the professional watchdogs of our industry).

Highbrow Lab training includes 1 day of at home study and 6 days of in-person hands on training. Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • Business Basics Including: Licensing, and permits

  • Marketing tactics

  • Health, Safety and Sanitation

  • Color Theory

  • Skin Anatomy

  • Brow Mapping

  • Microblading & Machine Techniques for Application

As a student you will observe 3 live procedures performed by me! And after a lot of practice pads, homework and individual guidance I will help you take 3 live models in the studio. That’s right, you personally will tattoo 3 people’s faces during training!

I know it may sound scary now but, stick with me. Because, this is how you build your portfolio and gain the confidence to take your own clients. Having pictures to show your work is the key to getting models and building your clientele after training!

When class ends, it’s not over… you can come back with a model for our in-house shadow session. This is so helpful, because sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the knowledge and forget one step. Who wants to go home, take a client, and feel lost? We don’t want you to feel this way, and so we make sure you can come back, and get the guidance you need to keep going!

As our student you will get access to our exclusive community support group on Facebook, where our instructor posts monthly live videos, provides feedback on student work, and you gain early access to advanced education opportunities.

We believe in responsible training practices; we are focused on building successful artists and strive to maintain the integrity of our industry. To learn more about the monthly training classes visit Highbrow Lab!

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