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When the work is done right, it doesn't need to be filtered to grab attention!

I do not alter any of my photos and challenge other artists to stop as well...

Do not create unrealistic expectations

Using filters and Photoshop will mislead your clients to have unrealistic expectations of permanent makeup procedures. Are you unhappy with your results? Then, I would challenge you to invest in yourself. Take a class and become the Artist you are proud to promote. Please do not alter your results with the click of a mouse.

What are the best practices for making your work grab attention?

  • We recommend investing in a ring light, having controlled lighting will help capture the little details of your microblading & permanent makeup work without shifting the actual color.

  • Have a designated before and after picture area in your work space. Preferably with a clean background. This will help you to create consistently branded images of your work.

  • Offer your client a couple of minutes to refresh, fix her hair, & apply lip gloss.

  • Lastly, compliment your client while you are taking their picture. When she feels good, her confidence will shine through the camera's lense.

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