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Fearlessly searching  for the next step in your

beauty career?

Choosing where to invest, and selecting your trainer can be a nightmare.


With Sarah Hummel, a certified Microblading and Permanent Makeup Trainer through the SPCP organization. You are guaranteed to receive an amazing Fundamental Permanent Makeup Education

All About the Brows, a
Microblading & Machine Class includes seven days of instruction and 3 live models per student.

To ensure the quality of your experience, class sizes are limited to six seats. 

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Are you hoping to expand your clientele with corrective procedures?

Rainbow Brows, the color corrections boot camp, is a 2-day advanced course designed for you, the experienced permanent makeup artist. 

Helping you become an expert in the subject of color theory and corrective procedures is our passion. 

Sarah has been recognized as an expert in permanent makeup color corrections as a keynote speaker at SPCP conferences and other highly regarded industry events

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