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Rainbow Brow Corrections™

The Mind-blowing
Color Corrections Class

for experienced and New Permanent Makeup Artists

With the growing popularity of the permanent makeup industry many technicians receive improper training and are not practicing permanent makeup responsibly.


While this is completely frustrating, our job as professionals is to offer solutions.

Taking pride as corrections specialists, we are delighted to offer you the Rainbow Brows Corrections advanced training boot camp.

Throughout this class you will receive in depth color theory & pigment selection knowledge, Pigment History, Needle Knowledge, Technique and how too. Re shaping and Design. Better understanding of scar tissue, learn how to recognize different types of scarring and how to treat it. When to say no, and most importantly how you can help these clients responsibly.

We will be offering Online Webinars and online training.

Email: for info on

Next Class Dates:

In person on hold 

Online Training Course Launch October 2022

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